In the final quarter of 2019, PAD launched a new project in partnership with the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and our partner CABI.

The project will pilot the first large-scale digital extension campaign for farmers in Zambia utilizing the Zambia Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (ZIAMIS), a government-owned e-subsidy platform. At PAD we are motivated by the digital potential implicit in ZIAMIS which has more than 1.8 million farmers registered on the system.

In collaboration with CABI and the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture, PAD has developed a set of SMS messages to address the invasive Fall Armyworm (FAW) and draws on PAD campaigns to address FAW in Kenya. Initially, a total of 39 messages will be sent to approximately 80,000 farmers in four provinces to assist farmers to identify, manage, and control FAW in their fields throughout the season.