We work with partners in Kenya to build, pilot, and evaluate services informed by our lab setting in Western Kenya and other work around the world.

  • One Acre Fund, a non-profit organization working with around 220,000 Kenyan farmers, partners with PAD to conduct rigorous analysis using data from several experimental trials to shed light on farmer behavior change challenges. PAD also advises on the design of research around iteratively improving an SMS-based advisory service to maximize farmer acceptance and impact.
  • Viamo, a global social enterprise using mobile phones to connect individuals and organizations, is working with PAD to improve user experience and deliver. of its services through data analysis and experimentation.  
  • Echo Mobile, a Kenyan social enterprise community, provides technology and services that enable organizations in Africa to engage, influence, and understand their target audiences.
  • Innovations for Poverty Action, a nonprofit organization that creates and evaluates solutions to social and development problems, partners with PAD in its Busia, Kenya organizations, working closely in collaborative research. 
  • Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, a non-profit research organization dedicated to furthering the understanding of human decision-making, supports PAD researchers by sharing their surveys and experimental methods.
  • The Center for Agriculture and Biosciences International is a not-for-profit inter-governmental development and information organisation focusing primarily on agricultural and environmental issues in the developing world, working with PAD’s East African research and development team. 

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Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
Echo Mobile
Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
One Acre Fund
Innovations for Poverty Action

Learn more about our PAD Lab setting in Western Kenya that informs these partnerships.