PxD is a non-profit organization with a mission to support people living in extreme poverty by providing customized digital information and services that increase productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability. 

We are establishing a new model for digital extension: reaching farmers and other users with personalized advice through their mobile phones. We implement this model in collaboration with partner organizations and governments and gather evidence on its impact. We aim to improve the lives of 100 million farmers in developing countries with our services and support to existing systems.

We collaborate with in-country partners, governments, and multilateral institutions to reach users with mobile-based personalized advice, and gather evidence of its impact. Using two-way communication and information aggregation, we offer our users valuable and practical information, customized to their geography, market, and characteristics. PxD incorporates insights from behavioral economics, human-centered design, and social learning theory, and makes use of A/B testing and data science to identify what types of information and delivery mechanisms work best for our users.

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