2019 performance report

In our fourth full year of operations PAD’s services now demonstrate two of digital agriculture’s key advantages in practice: scale and cost-effectiveness. PAD has cumulatively delivered information to 4,279,223 smallholders since we commenced operations in 2016. We have also improved our cost-effectiveness; more than halving our cost per farmer from $3.44 in 2018 to $1.57 in 2019.


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2018 performance report

In our third full year of operations, our reach increased by over 150%, our advisory content more than doubled, and we have reached the cutting edge of mass customization in delivering services to farmers in developing countries.


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2017 performance report

In our second full year of operations, we broadened the evidence around the potential for mobile phone-based agricultural extension, formed partnerships with several governments, and expanded our farmer reach dramatically. 


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2016 performance report

In our first full year of operations, we launched a product in India, piloted and evaluated a service in Kenya, and a became a fully independent organization in the US. 


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Financial reports

We are pleased present our audited financial statements. Through both our fiscal sponsorship with the Global Development Incubator and our own independent operations, PAD spent $1.186M in 2016. In 2017, our first full year as an independent organization, PAD spent $1.787M. 

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