We work with various partners across India to build, pilot, and evaluate services informed by our lab setting in Gujarat and other work around the world.

  • IFFCO-Kisan is a mobile phone advisory service offered in partnership with a Telco which now reaches more than 3.5 million farmers across 19 states and offers information customized by agro-climatic zone. They asked PAD to analyze their data for pick-up rates, listening duration, and churn to motivate the design of pilots aimed at improving the product and deepening their engagement with farmers.
  • Agrostar, an agricultural input supply firm that operates through mobile-based sales, is working with PAD to pilot a service to 6,000 of their clients to gauge impact on lead creation and sales.
  • International Rice Research Institute is working in collaboration with PAD to develop and disseminate personalized messages on nutrient management to rice farmers.
  • Together with the Government of Odisha's Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, PAD is advising on the design and roll out of a service for rice farmers across the state of Odisha with ambitions of reaching 1 million farmers. 
  • In collaboration with Coffee Board of India, PAD is advising on the design and roll out of a service for coffee farmers in the state of Karnataka, with ambitions of reaching 350,000 farmers across all major coffee growing states in India. 

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Learn more about the PAD lab setting in Gujarat that informs our approach to these partnerships.